2015-10-04 Sermon

Worship and Offering

讲员 Preacher:
馮偉牧師 Rev. Wei Feng
VBCCR   10/4/2015                                                         

經文 Scripture:  

尼希米记 Nehemiah 13:12.


尼希米不单带领从被掳归回耶路撒冷的以色列人重建圣城,也带领他们恢复圣殿的敬拜。尼希米多次教导以色列人恢复十一奉献。把当纳的财物献上,是敬拜的一个重要组成部分。~  Nehemiah not only led the Israelites who returned to Jerusalem from captivity to rebuild the holy city, he also led them to restore the temple worship.  Nehemiah emphasized many times the importance of resuming their tithe to God. To give our tithe and offering to God is a crucial part of our worship.

  1. 十一奉献只是旧约的教导? Is Tithing a Command only in the Old Testament?(路Luke 11:42; Rom12:1
  2. 神爱钱? Does God Love Money?  ( Ex 34:20; Ps 50:10; Matt 6:21)
  3. 十一当纳与奉献的区别?  Difference Between Tithe and Offerings?  (Mal 3:8)
  4. 捐得乐意? Giving Cheerfully? (林后 2 Cor 9:7; 9:5)
  5. 试试神? Test God? ( Mal 3:10)

结论与回应 Conclusion and Response:

  1. 一个以心灵和诚实敬拜神的人,在金钱奉献上,也会对主忠诚。A person who worship God in spirit and truth will be faithful in giving to God.
  2. 十一奉献是唯一一处神让我们试试祂的地方。这一操练意味着我们要在金钱管理使用的优先次序上做出调整。 Tithing is the only place God allows us to test Him. This practice means we need to adjust our priority in money management and usage.
  3. 默想并背诵马太福音 6:21: 因为你的财宝在哪里,你的心也在哪里。 Meditate on and Memorize Matthew6:21  “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

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