6 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. I think we should sit down together and draw the pictures/diagram and then let you know, otherwise too much information for you to digest.

    Can some old messages like furniture drive be deleted since we don’t do it anymore?


  2. 个人意见:
    1. 信仰宣告放在about us里,名字叫statement of faith或者what we believe 比较好
    2. 联系信息和地址最好主页能体现 而且名字改成getting here或者什么别的 contact体现不出来地址的意思
    3. 活动时间表改成叫schedule或者calendar好一点
    4. 讲道信息没问题 就是有音频和没音频的讲道最好能有标记 现在好像是有音频的讲道就什么文字都没有?
    5. 没找到讲座信息
    6. recent photos下面的照片会随我们的更新而自动更换对吧?


  3. 1。信仰宣告- 放在“ABout” Section会更好些, 改为’Statement of Faith”
    2。 牧師的话- 改为 ‘Words from Pastor”
    3。 聯係信息和地址 – 挺好的
    4。教會活動時間表 – 把“Hour” 改为“ChurchCalendar” 会更好些
    5。最近一次講道信息 – 挺好的
    6。找一個有音頻的講道信息,嘗試聽20秒講道的音頻 – 挺好的
    7。最近一次講座信息 – 挺好的



  4. Found everything that you asked in the email. I think everything looks fine but each sermon message in the home page is a little bit too long so we don’t have a lot of information even though we scroll down a lot.


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