10-18-2015 Sermon

现今的机会 Such A Time As This 讲员 Preacher:  馮偉牧師 Rev. Wei Feng      羅城華人勝利浸信會 VBCCR   10/18/2015                                                           經文 Scripture:  以斯帖记 Esther 4:14. 前言Introduction:   勇敢的以斯帖不单是妇女的榜样,也是每一位基督徒的榜样。~The courageous Esther is a role model for not only women, but every Christian. 末底改 – 忠诚正直。  Mordecai – Faithful and Upright   哈曼 – 自私狠毒。 Haman – Egocentric andContinue reading “10-18-2015 Sermon”

2015-10-11 Sermon

耶稣是谁? Who Is Jesus? 讲员 Preacher: 馮偉牧師 Rev. Wei Feng 羅城華人勝利浸信會 VBCCR 10/11/2015 前言Introduction: 福音的核心是认识耶稣。耶稣到底是谁?对有的人,这可能是个陌生的问题。对有的人,这可能是个熟悉的问题。而对有的人,这可能是既熟悉又陌生的问题。~The core message of the gospel is to know Jesus. Who is Jesus then? To some people, this might be an unfamiliar question. To someone else, this might be a familiar question. Still to some others, this could be a question both familiarContinue reading “2015-10-11 Sermon”


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2015-09-27 Sermon

众志成城 Build Up in One Heart 讲员 Preacher: 馮偉牧師 Rev. Wei Feng 羅城華人勝利浸信會 VBCCR   9/27/2015                                                          經文 Scripture:   尼希米记 Nehemiah 2:18. 前言Introduction:  在波斯王年间,从被掳归回耶路撒冷的以色列人重建的步骤是圣殿、圣言、圣城。圣殿是神的同在。圣言是复兴的核心。圣城是属灵疆域的范围,属灵建造的操练,和属灵争战的堡垒。尼希米在重重困难中带领以色列人修造城墙。~  During the Kingdom of Persia time, the Israelites who returned to Jerusalem from captivity had three steps of rebuilding: the Holy Temple, the Holy Word, and the Holy City. The Holy TempleContinue reading “2015-09-27 Sermon”

2015-09-20 Sermon

属灵的复兴 Spiritual Renewal 讲员 Preacher:  馮偉牧師 Rev. Wei Feng                                                                羅城華人勝利浸信會 VBCCR   9/20/2015                                                          經文 Scripture:   以斯拉记Ezra 7:10; 尼希米记 Nehemiah 8-9. 前言Introduction:  以色列人从波斯归回耶路撒冷的馀民中,有两位卓越的领袖。文士以斯拉是祭司的后裔。他引领以色列人建立以回归圣经为基础的复兴。~  Among the remnants that returned to Jerusalem from Persia, there are two great leaders. The Teacher Ezra is a descendent of priest. He led the Israelites through aContinue reading “2015-09-20 Sermon”