10-25-2015 Sermon

Man’s Heart vs. God’s Heart

讲员 Preacher:  馮偉牧師 Rev. Wei Feng     
VBCCR   10/25/2015                                                          

經文 Scripture:  约拿书 Jonah 3:1-5.


约拿是位可爱的先知,约拿是位爱憎分明的先知,约拿是位被神管教的先知。~ Jonah is a likable prophet. Jonah is a prophet who knows clearly what to love and what to hate. Jonah is a prophet disciplined by God.

  1. 人的心。  Man’s Heart
  1. 爱祖国,恨仇敌.  ~  Love His Own Country and Hate the Enemies
  1. 躲避神,行己路.  ~  Avoid God and Walk His Own Way
  1. 自为义,害己命.  ~  Self-righteous and Suicidal
  1. 绝望中,呼求神.  ~  Call Upon God in Desperation
  1. 虽回转,不甘心.  ~  Repentance in Reluctance
  1. 信仰正,言行歪.  ~  Faith is Right but Words and Action Not
  1. 人爱多,圣爱少.  ~  More Human Love and Less Godly Love
  1. 神的心。 God’s Heart
  1. 爱世人,恨罪恶.  ~  Love the World and Hate Sin
  1. 罪再大,赐救赎.  ~ Salvation Given to Even the Worst
  1. 主所爱,必管教.  ~  Chasten Those Whom He Loves
  1. 再一次,给机会.  ~  Give the Second Chance
  1. 不后悔,有后悔.  ~  Change of Mind: No and Yes
  1. 多怜悯,少发怒.  ~  More Mercy and Less Anger
  1. 爱生命,救灵魂.  ~  Love Life and Save Soul     

–  结论与回应 Conclusion and Response:

1.约拿可爱在他是“性情中人”,约拿也可爱在他是你我许多性情的真实写照。~  Jonah is likable because he is full of sentiment, also because a lot of the sentiment can be found in you and me.

2.生或死,是核心问题。在人没有出路。在神则赐生命。~ To be or not to be, that is the ultimate question. There’s death in man. There’s life in God.

3.默想并背诵希伯来书 12:6a: 因为主所爱的,祂必管教。Meditate on and Memorize Hebrews 12:6a: For whom the Lord loves He chastens.

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