Sermon 1/22/2017

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比利传道电邮地址:,电话: 585-230-0424

Min. Billy Wade, Youth/English Minister 

Minister Billy has a heart to serve, evangelize and disciple. He is an excellent communicator of God’s Word through both preaching and teaching. He is experienced in teaching youth and working within teen ministry. Minister Billy is also trained in Biblical counseling with experience in individual, pre-marital, and family counseling. Prior to being called into ministry, Billy has been a law enforcement officer for the Rochester Police Department for twenty years. He and wife Amy have two lovely daughters.

Minister Billy’s Email:,Phone: 585-230-0424

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馮偉牧师來自中國大陸。曾就讀於北京大學地球物理系和經濟系。來美後於賓州州立大學環境經濟學和 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 環境管理專業深造。他在國內慕道,來美兩個月後重生得救、受洗歸主。於1998 年蒙神呼召全職事奉,進入Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary 接受裝備,獲道學碩士。2001年蒙神帶領前来羅城植堂开拓教会。現為羅城華人勝利浸信會主任牧師,曾任中国基督徒生命团契/生命季刊董事多年,现任海外校园/举目特约编委,并在各地营会、几所国内神学院、圣经学校担任讲员及客座讲师。他與大學同窗王靜结为连理並育有二女、一子。

冯牧师电邮地址 电话585-305-7768

Rev. Wei Feng, Senior Pastor

Rev. Wei Feng came from Mainland China. He studied at Department of Geophysics and School of Economics in Beijing University. He did graduate study on Environmental Economics in Pennsylvania State University and Environmental Management in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He was a seeker of Christianity in China, was saved and baptized two months after coming to the US. He surrendered to God’s calling of full time ministry in 1998 and went to study at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, where he received Master of Divinity degree. God led him to Rochester, New York in 2001 to do church planting. Now he is the Senior Pastor of Victory Baptist Chinese Church of Rochester. He had served in the board of CCLiFe for many years, is special editor of Overseas Campus & Behold magazine, preaches at different places, and taught at several Bible colleges/seminaries in China. He married his college classmate, Jing Wang. They have two daughters and a son.

Pastor Feng’s email address:, Phone: 585-305-7768

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  1. 時間: 礼拜五晚上7:30 – 9:00 pm
  2. 地點: 教會
  3. 內容: 聚会,有诗歌,查经,分享,专题等。常有各种适合青少年的特别活动,如游戏,球类,远足等等
  4. 聯繫人: 韦比利传道 Minister Billy Wade


— 提摩太前书 4:12

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  1. 時間: 礼拜五晚上7:30 – 9:00pm
  2. 地點: 教會
  3. 內容: 诗歌,查经,分享等
  4. 聯繫人: 于群姐妹


— 约翰福音13:35

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