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How to adjust yourself emotionally and seeking help when necessary in a new environment
讲座主题: 留美求学心理调适及求助

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It’s exciting finally to study in North America. But are you wondering what adjustment you might need to make to meet the challenge living and studying here? Come to learn from licensed psychiatrist for the professional advice.
Dr. Xinjia Cui, is a Licensed Psychiatrist at Canandiagua VA Hospital with his private clinic. Prior to coming to US, he was a doctor at Shanghai Mental Health Center, he also founded Shanghai Mental Health Hotline in 1990s.
Dr Cui received his MS degree from Harvard University.


来到北美留学让人兴奋,但该如何调整自己的心态来面对新的环境好 让自己可以尽快适应这里的生活和学习? 让专业的心理医生为你为你倾情讲解,解答你的疑问。
崔新佳- 美国执照精神心理医师,目前任Canandaigua VA 医院精神心理医师并私人开业执照精神心理医师。原上海精神卫生中 心医师, 九十年代上海心理健康热线电话创始人。崔医师拥有哈佛大学双硕士 学位。
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Time:  October 4, 2015, Sunday, 1:00 pm


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