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如何在美国取得学业成功?How to succeed academically in the US


来美国留学令人兴奋同时很挑战。 你需要在很多方面需要调整自己,包括学术诚信方面。欢迎你利用一个小时的时间和同样来自中国的教授与你分享中美学术诚信的差异,如何预备自己在学业上成功。

刘曼路是罗切斯特理工大学的桑德斯商学院管理信息系统和会计副教授。 她也曾担任浙江大学管理学院的副教授, 教授本科生和研究生十多年。刘博士在亚利桑那大学埃勒管理学院获得管理信息系统的博士学位,同时拥有香港理工大学的工商管理硕士学位。她还有在投资银行和风险投资领域的工作经验。

How to succeed academically in the US

Studying in an American college/university is an exciting yet challenging opportunity. There are a lot of adjustments that will take time to get comfortable. One aspect you might find surprisingly different from your experience in China isacademic integrity. Come to join us for an hour long sharing with a professor from China on the difference between American and Chinese colleges, and how you should prepare yourself to excel academically.

Manlu Liu is an Associate Professor of Management Information Systems and Accounting at the Saunders College of Business at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Prior to join Rochester Institute of Technology, Dr. Liu was an Associate Professor at the School of Management at Zhejiang University in China, where she taught at both the graduate and undergraduate levels for over ten years. Dr. Liu received her Ph.D. degree in Management Information Systems from Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona. She obtained an MBA degree major in Accounting and Finance from the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. She had six years of working experience as a senior consultant and venture capital analyst. She also had financial analyst working experience with investment banking.